Episode 2: Dublin Dye Company

Welcome to Episode 2!

This episode, Dearbhla met with Yvonne of Dublin Dye Company. Even though Yvonne was in the middle of getting stock ready to sell at Edinburgh Yarn Festival – her first major show – she generously took time out to be interviewed for BLASTA.

Some links and visuals for what was mentioned in this episode:

    • In the dye shed, Yvonne mentions that Dearbhla previously bought Shetland Roving from Dublin Dye Company’s Etsy shop:
2015-03-11 257

Shetland Roving from Dublin Dye Company, colourway “Cloudy Day”

    • The naming of Dublin Dye Company Patterns was discussed and later on Yvonne’s designs for Howth socks and Stepaside socks were discussed in detail.
    • Dearbhla used Alpaca Lace from Dublin Dye Company in this Petals Wrap:

Petals Wrap in Alpaca Lace by Dublin Dye Company

  •  Back in the dye shed, Yvonne discusses how she dyed the custom-dyes yarn that Caroline requested for Dearbhla, Prism:
2015-03-11 256

Custom-dyed Merino DK by Dublin Dye Company, colourway “Prism”

2015-03-11 201

On the drying rack

2015-03-11 202

One of four 45 litre boxes of yarn going to Edinburgh Yarn Festival

  • At the end of the show, Dearbhla and Caroline do some taste-testing of wine and ciders from Llewellyns Orchard:
2015-03-11 233

Range of wines and cider from Llewellyns Orchard

Links to the wine and cider that were tasted:

Come and meet us in the Podcaster Lounge at Edinburgh Yarn Festival on March 14th and 15th. In the meantime, engage with us on social media at:

Theme Music is “Trouble With a Capital T” by Horslips and is used with kind permission of Horslips’ management.

Note: The initial introduction between Claire and Dearbhla was done using a Skype plug-in which created a split-channel track with questionable audio quality. You may need to readjust your volume levels but the segment is only a few minutes long. Our apologies for this and thanks for your patience while we scale this learning cliff!


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