Episode 7: “These Islands”

Hello and welcome to Episode 7!

This episode has been in the works since back in May when Claire and I went down to the Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival. We stopped off in Cork City to have lunch with Evin O’Keefe, the person behind Irish publishing company, Anchor and Bee.

We met Evin at her favourite restaurant Fenn’s Quay, which has been awarded “Best Restaurant in Cork” in the Munster Regional Final of the Irish Restaurant Awards in 2015.

We chat with Evin about two craft books she’s recently published and her future plans for Anchor and Bee.

The following day we met Sara Brietenfeldt at the Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival. You heard most of this interview in Episode 6 but I held on to some that was more relevant for the book “These Islands” which she worked on with Evin.

More recently, I met with Suzanne and Cathy. Suzanne worked with Evin on the books and Suzanne and Cathy share a blog “Fibre Friends“.


Fingerless mitts designed by Suzanne McEndoo for “These Islands” book.

Our craft beer focus for Episode 7 is Mountain Man Brewing. I met Phil and Sue Cullen to chat about their beers and especially what they were offering punters at the Irish Craft Beer Festival. While we didn’t mention it in our chat, it was through Sue that I first met Evin.


Mountain Man Phil with the selection of varieties available at the 2015 Irish Craft Beer Festival

And we’ve got a giveaway this episode! We’ll be giving away Evin’s books “Bake, Knit, Sew” and “These Islands” as well as a bag from Smudge Yarns and a skein of Smudge Yarns’ Superwash BFL Sock called “Skibereen” colourway.

Give-away prizes are: one copy of each book: "Bake, Knit, Sew" and "These Islands"; one skein of BFL sock from Smudge Yarns; one Smudge Yarns bag

Give-away prizes are:
one copy of each book: “Bake, Knit, Sew” and “These Islands”; one skein of BFL sock from Smudge Yarns; one Smudge Yarns bag

To be in with a chance to win this all you have to do is:

  1. Leave a review for Blasta Podcast on either iTunes or Stitcher.
  2. Leave a comment in the show-notes to say where you have left your reivew.
  3. Do this before the end of September.

I’ll announce in Episode 9 who the winner is of this prize.

Links to items also mentioned in this episode:


Toothpick and marshmallow models of the five Platonic Solids



12 thoughts on “Episode 7: “These Islands”

  1. iribeiro says:

    Hi there! I did not leave a review on itunes, because I did not want to mark your review score with a less positive review for something you might easily improve, but I thought of leaving a review here. Please disconsider this for your prize draw. I think you should either invest on body microphones for your interviews (for you and your interviewees) or stop taking interviews on location and doing them on quiet rooms. On this episode I had a very hard time making sense of the interviews under the plates clanking, glasses chiming and coffee machines puffing.


  2. Cameron says:

    I look forward to your podcast every month, and it’s fun to see that the gloves are in a KAL on Ravelry! I left a comment on Stitcher, but I didn’t see how to leave a review of your show as a whole. Also, when I look in Stitcher to browse programs by Arts and Crafts, I see a limited number of shows there. I don’t know if this is because they choose to show me a limited number, or if it’s because a lot of shows haven’t been categorized. Might be something to look into if you want to be more visible on the platform.


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