Episode 8: Carol Feller

For this episode we join Dublin yarn store, This Is Knit, as they celebrate Carol Feller’s latest publications:

First I met with Carol to find out about her life, her design process and her future plans.

During this interview, Carol or I mention:


The range of colours for Dovestone DK yarn from Baa Ram Ewe

Afterwards, we headed over to in Dublin City Centre’s Powerscourt Townhouse to meet Carol’s fans for a book signing in This Is Knit. I chat with

  • Hilser as she talks about planning to make Tamarindo in “Trinity” from Townhouse Yarns
  • Ann and her Ravi (haven’t been able to track down Ann online)
  • vonniemagoo talks about wanting to make Estrella from Short Row Knits, as well as previously making Centrique shawl and Captiva Wrap
  • Deirdre (a.k.a. Gansai on Ravelry) and Mary discuss trying on the samples and taking part in the Mithral KAL


Some of the samples from Short Row Knits

During the fashion show the following patterns are mentioned:


Frio hat from Short Row Knits


Palatino hat from Dovestone Hills


Viminal (striped sweater) and other samples from Short Row Knits and Dovestone Hills



8 thoughts on “Episode 8: Carol Feller

  1. Rebekah says:

    I just love Zapote… The little toggles are so sweet. Lots of little ones in our family so in always on the lookout for unique baby knits.

    I was excited to see who the lucky winner of last months’s giveaway was. Was it posted somewhere else?


  2. Diane Pyle says:

    I can’t believe how accomplished Carol is after only 7 years. I really enjoyed the interview and always look forward to any new Carol Feller pattern.


  3. Averil says:

    I love a lot of Carol’s cardigans but have only knit Ravi and I loved the design elements we were introduced to in the pattern. From Short Row Knits I really like Zapote and the sock patterns look interesting too 🙂


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