Episode 9: Wovember

This month we’re focussing on all things woolly for Wovember!

And I’m using a slightly different format – more chat from me about recent event in the Irish Crafting scene. I’d really appreciate if you’d comment in the shownotes to let me know what you think.

The main items discussed this episode are:

  • the winner of our giveaway from Episode 7. Thanks to everyone who entered a review on iTunes or Stitcher and to those who took the trouble to give me feedback – positive and negative – it all makes me better, right?
  • The Knitting & Stitching Show in the RDS
  • Olann And” a new magazine about Fibre and Craft in Ireland
  • Wovember – what is it?
  • An interview with Diarmuid Commins, the man behind “S-Twist Wool

Other items I mention during this episode are:

Beaded Stitch-markers by MweaG and a Sweensie Bag

Beaded Stitch-markers by MweaG and a bag from Sweensie Crafts

Items discussed while chatting to Diarmuid are:


6 thoughts on “Episode 9: Wovember

  1. Am thrilled to have found your podcast via our mutual comrade, Louise Scollay.

    Thank you for mentioning WOVEMBER and for the wonderful interview with Diarmuid of S Twist, it was fascinating. Caroline Walshe (who writes the shepherd’s diary in the magazine you mentioned) is a dear friend of mine and is having her fleeces spun up by Diarmuid… she also wrote a piece about this for WOVEMBER. So nice to put all the pieces of the puzzle together with voices and context.

    I lived in Ireland for 7 years and totally relate to what you say about the art of conversation there. I miss my friends and their accents. I also remember many of the places in Dublin you mention in the podcast… thank you for those memories.

    Really enjoyed your thoughtful and constructive reflections on sound quality and listener feedback, too. I went to art school where we also had crits. For what it’s worth I thought the sound quality of Blasta is grand. I think sometimes people don’t realise how expensive and difficult it is to achieve really excellent sound quality and I would always prefer that people have a go and put ideas out there than faff about for too long trying to get the perfect sound quality from the get go.

    I hope Santa brings you those clip mics!


  2. Thanks for such an interesting podcast. Completely agree with your observations about the Knitting and Stitching Show where seating and entrance fees are concerned. I’ve found the ‘market place’ aspect to it rather daunting however I have thoroughly enjoyed the exhibits. Absolutely loved your interview with Diarmuid. It’s great that he is so passionate about his wool and has such a good relationship with the sheep farmers and to actually know the animals while working with their fleece makes the job so more meaningful. I love listening to Blasta. Keep up the great work.


  3. Anne Marie says:

    Dearbhla,The sound quality was very clear today., and did make the listening much more enjoyable. I agree with the above comments., I am also very impressed that you do this in your own time. I learn so much interesting information and like the fact that you have an alternative approach…and this makes your podcast all the more enjoyable for me I really enjoy the interviews esp with people that I did not know about previously. keep up the good work. I have just gone and subscribed to the knit British podcast after listening to you.


  4. marydob says:

    Hi! I have enjoyed listening to all the Blasta podcasts! Thank you for putting it out there. The interview with Diarmuid was fascinating and I did like the sound quality during the interview so I could hear all of his comments.That being said, I don’t mind a happy pub sounding background for other portions of the podcast! In fact I think that cheery background sound lends itself to sharing what’s going on in Ireland (at least what I like to imagine is going on in Ireland since I’m not there). When you were reading the constructive criticism you received, I just wanted you to know that that’s not the only opinion out there! The interviews lend itself to a more quiet background but other sections would be ok in the pub over a pint!


  5. The sound quality is much better for the interview in this episode; fair play for reacting to the feedback! More than anything, I’m extremely excited about the notion of breed-specific wool from S Twist. I am nosey & would like to hear what you’re knitting at the moment, but maybe as a little aside-mention, rather than a big feature of the episode.


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