Episode 5: Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival – Part 1

For episode 5, Clarabel and Dearbhla travelled down to the Sheep’s Head Peninsula in Co. Cork for the Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival, which took place on the weekend of 16th and 17th of May.

Our road-trip had no Thelma & Louise-style incidents and we didn’t even accidentally end up on the road to Barack Obama’s ancestral home in Monegal.

IMDb Screenshot

Roadtrip Thelma & Louise style!

We arrived on Friday afternoon to a peninsula shrouded in mist and only managed to find some yarn-bombing.


Yarn-bombing in the mist

By Saturday morning the mist had lifted and revealed the stunning landscape.

sunny sheeps head

Stunning views in sunshine!

The Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival kicked off with meet-and-greet at The Old Creamery in Kilcrohane.

the old creamery

Up early at The Old Creamery ready for the meet-and-greet

They met the festival’s main organiser, Niamh Cooper, and chatted with her about the background to the Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival and life on the Sheep’s Head peninsula.

blasta with Niamh

Having a blasta-blast with organiser, Niamh

In particular, Niamh mentions:

The main focus of the Sheep’s Head Yarn Festival was the workshops in various locations peppered around the peninsula.


The range of workshops advertised

Dearbhla and Clarabel also chatted with two of the workshop teachers:

  • Marilyn Wallis-Eade about scrumble crochet and her alapaca and
  • Jemima of Spinning Sheep about spinning in Ireland and Irish Sheep Breeds with spinning-worthy fleeces

Marilyn Wallis-Eade


Jemima of Spinning Sheep

They also learned that, as a spin-off from the festival, a new body has been formed called Sheep’s Head Yarns. Based at The Black Gate throughout July and August, Sheep’s Head Yarns will:

  • run workshops,
  • give pattern advice and
  • sell needles, notions and yarn

If you’re in the area on Wednesday, 1st July, they’re launching this new endeavour with a PicKnit event at The Black Gate.

To wrap-up the episode Dearbhla met with her knit-night buddy, Treasa, and chatted about some of the features on the Sheep’s Head peninsula dating from World War II:

Also mentioned were:

Our taste of Ireland for this episode was:


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