How to listen to us

I’m here to help you figure out the best way for you to listen to us.

Option 1 – right here on wordpress

There is a music player on each blog entry that will allow you to listen to the podcast from the blog post.webplayer icture

Click play and away you go.  (That’s only a picture above)

Option 2 – iTunes

Head over to the iTunes app, on your phone (iphone only) or laptop (all laptops), search for blasta or blasta podcast.

You’ll see a list of all the episodes, pick one and away you go.  Don’t forget to subscribe so new episodes appear in your feed.


Option 3 – Podcast app

There are hundreds of podcast apps which you’ll find in your phones app store. For Android this is the play store.  I’ve heard good thing about Pod Kicker, but there really are hundreds to choose from.

These are similar to iTunes, you just need to add the  RSS Feed.

Stitcher is an android version of iTunes which many people have recommended.
Option 4 – download .wav file

“old skool”  download the .wav file from the blog entry and choose how you listen yourself.

You’ll hear about a new episode

If you still can’t listen shout @blastapodcast or @Clarabel (wanna be techie?) or email us (link at the top of this webpage) and we’ll try figure something out for you.

I’ll be updating this post as I refine my skills for supporting all the different options.